When is the best time of year to negotiate real estate?

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Today on Facebook Friday we discuss the best time of year to negotiate property.

When buying or selling real estate the time of year that you are in the market does have a impact on what kind of offers you will be dealing with. Sellers want to sell where there is high demand and buyers want to buy when they have a chance. Too often these days buyers get overwhelmed by bidding wars and over the top cash buyers and sellers get bummed out because their listing is not getting any offers.

I introduce you to this graph of Orange County’s real estate evaluating median percent of original price received.

The graph shows us that typically in the beginning of the new year is when the bidding wars begin. More offers mean prices go up.

This trend peaks in mid year. It’s the end of summer, the kids need to go back school, the vacation is over. This time of year is when we begin to see less listings and those listing are staying on the market longer. This is the time where you can submit your best offer under listing price if the home is been sitting on the market for a while.

This is where a seasoned real estate professional can assist in helping you make the best of any season by being prepared an knowing what environment your going to be facing.

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