Understanding The Orange County Real Estate Market

Here are the latest stats for Orange County Real Estate. Understanding your market will make you a better/smarter home buyer.

That is not a heart beat that is the pattern of when new listings hit the market. Peak high in the summer and peak low around the new year.

Average sales price continue at the 4%-6% trend that has been fairly constant since the 1950’s. Deviations include the bubble 2004-2008 followed by the bottoming out 2009-2013, but most properties are hitting new peak highs in sales price which is in line with the longer before mentioned trend.

What does that mean for your real estate needs?

If you are ready to buy, the months inventory is high but ready to drop. The market slows down after summer not picking up until after the new year.

The fall is a good time to purchase under asking by negotiating. Properties that are on the market 30+ days will consider offers that you might not expect. The only way to know is to submit.

Negotiate and win!


If you or anyone you know is in the market to buy a home please tell them to SAY SIMON!

Charles Simon